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old macs! love these little chunky things. and I've got ton of them, too, used to use an old '06 mac pro as my daily driver, I've got 10 macs in my collection, eight of which are 68k/ppc, and three of which I've used as a daily driver only because it was the only computer I had at the time.

why don't I sell these, you say? because it's a bitch to ship most of these! and because I like having these around, they're awesome! (people ask me this all the time.)

all of these (save for every laptop and the imac g5 in my collection) I recieved or bought from Lucanis a few months ago. i still haven't been able to get some of them up and running, but that's only because I haven't had the cash to spend on the things they need (like hard drives, clock batteries, etc.)

here's a complete list:

and here's a slightly incomplete list of peripherals:

one update

don't forget to brush your teeth! peace!